Prototype design and manufacture

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About us

SIA METĀRO was founded in 2003 based on A/S "Valmieras stikla šķiedra" mechanical workshop.

Since, we have expanded our premises to 1800 m2 and upgraded workshop with CNC machinery.

SIA METĀRO has proven to be a diverse company in the field of metalworking. We work with different industrial enterprises, thus we have a powerful technical base, experienced and professional staff.

Our main customers are:

  • "Valmiera Glass", "Valmiera -Andren" and others;
  • micro hydro power plants, medicine companies, farms, timber companies;
  • our equipment can be found in Germany, Ireland, Estonia, Russia and Scandinavia.

We focus on non-standard industrial equipment design and manufacture as well as existing equipment improvement and repairs.

Last year (2021) our team of 37 employees have topped  1 579 623 EUR turnover. Budget of the projects were in the range between 100+ EUR and 200 000+ EUR.

We are also certified according to ISO 3834, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Here you can find a presentation about Metāro.